Monday, May 6, 2013

Sam & Libby

Sam & Libby were the only brand of dress shoes I remember having as a child. My favorite pair were plain ballet flats. I think I had them in black and white--because you know those were the only two colors of dress shoes manufactured for little girls between the years of 1984-1995. Also during those years, mothers strictly enforced the No White After Labor Day rule, meaning that on the first Tuesday of September, you wore your black shoes. It didn't matter that it was 100 degrees still and the only comfortable warm weather dresses you had were all light florals--your shoes were black.

So I have this latent hostility nostalgia for Sam & Libby shoes, and no one told me that they were coming to Target?? Like, YESTERDAY?

Images from shefinds first look at the collection

And heres the pair I captured Sunday afternoon:

Fun fact that I didn't know until recently--the Sam in Sam & Libby is the Sam of Sam Edelman shoes. The more you know!

If I get a black pair, I'm wearing them whenever I want.

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