Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Salute to Pink

Gosh, at the pink that's been going on with me lately. I thought I'd toughen it up a little this time, with some camo pants. 

Yeah, I look really tough.

I've been looking for this color of pink lipstick for-ev-ah. It's Flower Kiss Stick High-Shine Lipstick in Tulips by Drew Barrymore for Walmart. 

Because nothing says tough like baby pink lipstick...

...and your mommy in your frames. :)


  1. Love the lipstick! And love the pink with the camo. It's a good mix.


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  2. Super cute! and I like the lip color!! Mental note: check out Drew's lipstick at Walmart. :o)

    1. Yes, you should! I sat at Walmart with two colors in my hand and went back and forth, but I finally picked this one. Glad I did! If you want to see more info on Flower, Drew was on the latest Lucky magazine and she used Flower makeup in all her pictures.