Monday, August 6, 2012

Old Navy August

I think I've exhausted the well that is Old Navy for the time being, but I wanted to show you a few pictures from my last visit. Let me just say up front that Tax Free Weekend's got nothing on The Day After Thanksgiving--yes, it was crowded, but I ended up scoring not one, but two front parking places during the weekend. Even so, I still feel like it was adequate practice for Black Friday.

The casual denim dress I mentioned here. Very cute. Some other cuties at Gap and J.Crew.

The only thing I actually got this weekend was the ON version of J.Crew's dot sweater. Because it's always nice to have a $25 alternative to a $270 sweater. (This particular one is sold out online, boo.)

And finally, I'm not sure how I like the combination of nerd glasses and faux leather jacket, but since I know said jacket is on my fall wish list, I'll just have to wear contacts on jacket days. I have my eye on this one from NY&Co, too.



  1. Thanks TAT. Made my afternoon. I always like to see what I'm doing right based on your pictures!

    1. Yay! I'm glad, and thank you so much--that makes me feel wonderful! Hope YOU get to feeling more wonderful, too!


  2. My dad is king of stalking down parking spots in crowded lots during busy seasons. He will claim an entire row or slow drive stalk people coming out of the mall. Creepy, yes, but I've never had to wait long for parking with that man, haha.

    Oh lady, I wish we had tax free days!