Thursday, July 26, 2012

New at Old Navy (July)

I hit up Old Navy last night to see if I could scoop up a sweater that was sold out in my size online. They didn't have it (yet) but they did have a dress in the J.Crew knockoff version of the heartthrob print. I loved it...

...except for the horrible, horrible arm holes. They are (Donald Trump voice) uuuuge. Did that stop me from buying it? No. Did I wear it the very next day? Yes. With a blue jean jacket over it? Obviously. You gotta make it work.

This dress was cute and reminded me of a Louie Vuitton bag, but it was a size too big.

This dress was adorable! It's a really substantial denim dress with a cinched in waist and slightly poofy skirt. (They had a more casual, vintage jean dress, too, but I didn't see if until I was leaving.) I would love to have this dress on sale--I can see it with the collar turned up and a big stack of pearls around my neck.


  1. gorgeous heart dress! I find a lot of great items at Old Navy this fall. I got a couple of the J. Crew lookalike heart boatneck sweaters.

    Awesome blog you have here, new follower :)

    1. Thanks! I've already worn it twice and everyone loves the heart print. I'm glad ON seems actually have some game this year! I followed you, too!