Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Clothes Rack

So I got a treadmill over the weekend. Brando was really excited about it. "You needed another place to hang your clothes," he said.

Brando thinks he is so. funny.

I'm just happy that, other than putting this beast together, I've got a less stressful form of exercise. You seriously have no idea how cutthroat mall-walking is these days. I'll be glad when the back-to-school shoppers are...well, back in school.

Then I can go back to just trying to avoid running over elderly people.*


*And by "trying" I mean, I DO NOT run over elderly people. I move out of their way. I'm respectful like that.

UPDATED Post Mall Walk: You know what the problem with mall walking really is? It's that people are not paying attention to what is going on around them. And what's scary, y'all, is that they probably drive like that, too.


  1. Wurk it gurl! Mall-walking is dangerous, be careful. Glad you can be safe in the privacy of your own home. Maybe your hubs should dangle some new J.Crew items in-front of said walking machine to help you go faster:)

  2. That is HILARIOUS! Love your work out clothes :) Oh and Anna Lee wants to know when you are going to put on your tennis shoes??

    1. Tell Anna Lee, "IN JUST A MINUTE." Repeat that as often as she asks.

      That was seriously cute. Can she be sick and hang out with us at work more often?? j/k

      P.S. Did you hear her ask me about my LIP GLOSS?? We worked it out much better this time.