Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things...May

Flowers from Publix

New shoes, only $30(!!!!) on sale this past weekend at Dillards.

 What I'm reading: Real Simple, latest J.Crew style guide, some Agatha Christie. (Done with this one already, on to Orient Express for the umpteenth time. Also reading Kerouac's On The Road.)

Handkerchief-patterned shirt.

Tiny people by the pool

 New fave nail polishes. On toes for now: FACE on the far right.

New DIY: Turned an old 8x10 frame into a chalkboard sign by spraying the glass with chalkboard spray paint. Drawing of the topiary by Brando.

Other new shoes from TJMaxx. Wearing today. Very comfy.


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