Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Pale Girl and the Fitting Room

Picture it: A long day of shopping. Lots of minutes put into the J.Crew Factory store. Looking, selecting, trying on. The "yes" pile grows. You start to think about how much more you can actually add to said "yes" pile before all your money is gone. You keep putting off trying something on until it's actually the last thing left and you're already wishing that you were back in your own clothes and done with the check out line and that it would be awesome if while you were in the dressing room someone invented teleportation and you were able to just poof yourself back to your hotel  because it's been a really long vacation day and your feet hurt. But you say to heck with it, and you try it on.

And it is amazing.

That was this dress.

J.Crew Golden Stripe Bracelet
Initial Necklace from Etsy

There is a moral to every good fable and while this isn't a fable, there is indeed a moral:

Try everything on.


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