Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Could Haves of Spring 2012

I purposely didn't use the phrase "Must Haves" in the title of this post because a) who am I to tell you what you must have? and b) it's words like that that lead to that horrible feeling of looking into an empty wallet after you just couldn't live without that dress/lipstick/headband/whatever that Lucky/Instyle/Vogue/Oprah said you must have. Guess what? It was not really that necessary.

I really didn't even want to venture into "Should Have" either. Appropriate: "You should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles". Not appropriate: "You should totally have a hot pink halter top."

Hence, "Could Have".

 Could Haves of Spring 2012:

Wearing them all at once: chambray shirt that goes with anything, pencil skirts dressed up OR down, cats eye sunglasses--not necessarily red, but definitely catty.

A coral red nail polish, like Opi's "Red Lights Ahead...Where?"

And Seche Vite, if you want your red nail polish to look like a salon did it

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A dude watch

Studly earrings

Sandals like we used to wear as kids

A big, gaudy necklace

And finally, more stripes than you could shake a striped stick at.

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