Monday, April 30, 2012

'Devil Eyes' Is Not An Appropriate Title

We're almost to the end of my J.Crew shopping spree swag. Everything has been photographed, if not yet put up on the blog. Except for those rainboots. People have been clamoring to see the rainboots. (Ok, maybe one person has asked about them.) But after that, the spoils of shopping are over.

The outfit picture below is eyeless because the aforementioned eyes peeking out from underneath my bangs looked like they were full of the devil. And I don't want y'all to see that.

The crowning piece of this outfit is the pretty necklace that my Mom bought for me to match this viridian green sweater. My mom also picked out the shirt I brought home for Brando. She has such good taste. And I have such pretty necklace model hands.

Totally unrelated to clothes, but slightly related, if not in the completely opposite way, to my devil-eyeless picture: Yesterday, I was blessed (and completely mind blown to be honest) to see God in action, answering a prayer in the affirmative in a very immediate fashion. It wasn't a big request, but to see that He was listening to me and deemed my little problem important enough for a swift reply was AMAZING. If you ask for things in Jesus' name, and they are in line with God's will, then stuff gets done!!


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