Thursday, May 3, 2012

Something Colorful is Happening

I just had the most marvelous inspiration. It came in the form of this office make over by Katie Bower, of Bower Power blog fame.

I need a shiny red chair. I just happen to have a boring old wooden chair sitting in my spare room corner being useless. He is about to become both useful and red.

From there, things just kind of snowballed. Ideas came. More ideas came. Colorful ideas. Bright, shiny ideas.

Ideas that involve spray painting things. I love spray painting things. But colors this time, not just white.

I am picturing a living room much like Katie's office. Reds. Greens. Navy striped couch pillows. Yellow. Aqua blues. All my little ideas are going on my newest Pinterst board.

Brando is going to hate it. I might hate it, too. But we'll see. The red spray paint has already been purchased.

We'll see.


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