Friday, April 27, 2012

Curly Sue

Finally, finally made myself buy the Conair Infiniti You Curl after almost a year of putting it off. I have never had any luck curling my own hair, and I guess I didn't think some fancy-schmancy tool would make a difference, clamp or no clamp.

I have never been the type of person who finds it hard to admit when I'm wrong.

And boy was I wrong. This thing worked like a boss! It was literally as easy as flat ironing my hair, except it takes just a little longer. I just gave my hair a shot of hair spray, started curling, and then finished it off with more hairspray. Simple, simple. And for my very first time successfully curling my own hair in 27 years, I think it came out ok. Which is totally a testimony to how ridiculously easy to use the You Curl is and not to my--Steel Magnolias quote coming up--ability to do good hair.


  1. Maybe I will have to try this!! Looking into it :) Love your dress!!

  2. Do it!!! Here's another glowing review from Bows and Sequins--her hair looks great!

    And thanks on the dress--J.Crew sale score!