Monday, March 19, 2012

Fat Tuesday

So I revealed to my visiting family this weekend that I had given up Taylor Shopping for Lent. But not before one final self-indulgence on Fat Tuesday--namely, ordering the Rugby Striped Dress and Poppy King for J.Crew lipstick from J.Crew. And there are no regrets. This dress is a new casual favorite that I think I could wear at least once a week, and the lipstick is so awesome that now I've started to actually feel weird when I don't have some kind of color on my lips.

While I may have taken the sting out of Taylor Shopping by doing some House Shopping, I have learned that I have some pretty neat stuff in my closet and I don't really need to shop as much as I did before. I've also learned that even though I did a pretty big purge a few months ago, there are still things in my closet that need to go. It's a miracle, and it's coming at a good time, too--my taste in clothing brands has done much evolving since college, and sadly, mostly in the more expensive direction.


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