Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, Boy!

No radical outfit ideas here. Just plain old menswear. And a serious model face with one very wonky eye. Now you can't un-see it, can you? Just like that creepy face behind the couch cushion that was floating around Facebook last week.

I loveLOVEloveLoVeluv button-up shirts. And I especially love this one I got from Gap last year because it is cut like a men's shirt--loose, long and looks like its straight out of Brando's closet. (I also love alliteration.) This is a shirt you wanna go all Tom Cruise in, you know? I roll the sleeves up and wear it with shorts in the summer or pair it with skinnies and flats when it's cooler. And it's super comfy.

Maybe boys have the right idea when it comes to clothes.


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