Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Chore is Not a Bore (oh, how lame.)

A couple of weeks ago, two big pieces of household cleaning magic showed up at my house. A brand new Maytag Bravos washer and dryer from Home Depot. I was so happy to finally see them...ever since June 24th when I officially moved in to the house, I've had to cart mine and Brando's laundry to the laundrymat I call Mom's House. Not that I didn't enjoy hanging out with Mom during those washing sessions, but I really wanted my very own washer and dryer. After all, they really "make" the laundry room, don't they?

Washing and drying clothes has always been my favorite chore. I like clothes, so it sort of makes sense. But really it's my favorite because almost the entire process takes place in front of my television.

a) put dirty clothes in washer
b) go watch tv
c) move wet clothes to dryer, put new dirty load in washer
d) go watch tv
e) take dry clothes out of dryer
f) fold in front of tv
g) repeat, with more tv watching in between each laundry task

Can you vacuum and do that? I don't think so.

Even better, my washer and dryer SING to me when I turn them on and off. They are that excited about washing and drying my clothes. I also love the smell of Tide detergent and Snuggles dryer sheets, so the laundry room is my favorite smelling room in the whole house.

However, I've hit the one snag in my favored chore. See, I like clothes, right? And I have a lot of them, guys. A lot. So I wouldn't really "run out" of clothes for weeks. WEEKS. My laundry basket would fill up to the brim and then since it was in a corner, it would begin to creep up the wall before I needed to wash clothes.

Not so, now that there's a Brando in the house.

He doesn't have quite as much to choose from in the clothing department as me, so he requires weekly, WEEKLY laundry-doings.

Ask me in a few weeks if laundry is still my favorite chore.


Update: I fell Monday night before I could remove the last batch of Brando's blue jeans from the dryer. That's how relaxing doing my laundry is.

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