Thursday, September 1, 2011

If I only had reeeeeealy long arms...

Did you ever just want to hug something because you love it so much, like my sweet cousin Mahayla does when you tap dance on the kitchen floor for her and make her laugh so much she has to just squeeze you because she doesn't know what to do with all that happy??

I felt that way about my living room the other day, but because I can't figure out a practical way to hug a living room, I took pictures of it instead.

Funky graphic pillow from Mom paired with my favorite fuzzy pillow

The Mac has a prominent position in my living room. And yes, that is a mustache pillow. I made it myself :)

The preferred hangout spot of Brando and Taylor

My fav Pier One bookcase and really tall vase

Pretty flowers and a really wonderful fall candle from Bath and Body

The summer place setting on my dining room table

Then I was feeling the living room love so much, I took a picture of my new bookcase in the land of Spare Oom. 

Hammered metal candle holders on clearance at Wal-mart with a painting mom! She's good, right?!?

Another Ann original

Have you hugged your living room today?


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