Monday, August 1, 2011

I'd Like To Shop For Me Again, Please

After what feels like years, the "New House Spell" has finally broken. The "New House Shopping Spell" that is. See, everyone that knows me really well knows that I'm a clothes horse. I literally cannot say I've ever met a striped shirt I didn't like. But for the past month, every extra dollar I found myself with automatically went to something for the house. I didn't even think about clothes or shoes or purses or anything for me--it was all giant glass vases, Pier 1 bookshelves and white anything for Jeb. (I'm thinking about naming him/her/it that. Will have to run it by Brando, though.)

Well, the first J.Crew fall catalog comes in the mail, and the house can just sit there for all I care. Because have you seen the new bright jewel tones for fall?? And the schoolboy blazers?? The lepoard print????

Oh, for the days when I could blow out my wallet on a whim-induced trip down to Destin. But, alas, shopping bags filled to the tippity-top with goodness have been replaced with a husband, a mortgage, a van on its very last wheels and a back yard only half-grassed and totally un-private. So I now have to save mah pennies until I can finally have a fantastic Labor Day shopping spree. Then start all over again for a Day After Thanksgiving extravaganza.

I certainly wouldn't trade my wonderful (really, guys, he's pretty awesome) husband who totally deserves a homecooked meal that includes vegetables, which he's getting tonight if I don't screw this one up too, or my beautiful house, Jeb, for mere clothes.

Although these lepoard print kitten heels are super nice, paired with some cuffed toothpick blue jeans, a white shirt...

...and this red jacket.

I love these vivid pants.

Oooh, and this dress.

*Sigh* It's good to be back. I know the mall has missed me.


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