Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our First Fourth

For Independence Day 2011, our first holiday as Mr. and Not Legally Yet But Sometime This Week Mrs. Wheeler, we wanted to do something special--something other than just sit at our wonderful new house and do yucky chores. So the plan was to go swimming at my parents and then have a wonderful steak and baked potato dinner. I waited in delicious anticipation the whole weekend.

Well, it almost happened the way we planned. We never did actually get to go swimming--in fact, we kind of substituted it with shopping, which I was pretty ok with. But there was thankfully no change of plans in the menu--we totally got to eat steak and the very best baked potato I've ever had in my entire life. We then wrapped up the evening watching some fireworks at the Shelley's.

I love living in the USA and being an American citizen. I am so grateful that we were able to celebrate Independence Day with our friends and family, and I hope that God continues to have his hand on our country.

Independence Day is not New Years, but if it were, I would make a resolution to wear more makeup. I spent the entire weekend bare-faced. Sorry, brand new husband.

The Grill!

The Grillmeister

In advance, the only good pictures I took were the outdoor/food ones, so I hope you're not reading this hungry...

....because these pictures are delicious.

Dad loves hot dogs more than steak.

Married feet :)

Fireworks can be an amusing distraction from playing with a milk jug.

Kasey and Mahayla

Hope everyone had a nice 4th!


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