Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ode to a Nissan Quest

I got married this weekend. More on that later when I find the time to pull out the camera, find the USB cable cord in the moving boxes, and then actually sit down and upload the pictures onto my computer.

And then edit them to make me more beautiful-er.

Brando, too.

Coming back from Target at lunch today, where I bought yet ANOTHER piece of furniture that needs to be assembled, instead of griping and complaining about nuts and screws and WHERE IS THE PIECE LABELED "G"??!?, I thought about how lucky I was to actually have a vehicle that has been capable enough to almost single-handedly (single-wheeledly?) move my entire life from Headland to Ozark. That Nissan Quest has hauled everything from my extenstive clothing collection to an entire Ikea full-sized sofa!!! (Ok, so it was in a box, but it was still a whole sofa). Seriously, the van has almost literally held my entire life inside its little sliding doors.

Check out this sweet ride.

So here's to you, 2002 Nissan Quest mini-van. You may have almost 250,000 miles on you. You may run hot when I have to sit in fast-food drive thrus too long which causes you to begin blowing out hot, sticky, annoying air that makes me question my ability to make it through this summer alive. You may only get 17 miles to the gallon on a very, very good day. You may not pause my cd at the exact spot that I cut your radio power. You may not be cool (both literally and figuratively).

Fashionable yet functional interior.

But you're still my Quest. And if I do indeed want to make a quest one day....well, you won't be the vehicle I take because I'm really not sure if you could handle anything longer than a 2 hour trip there and back. But you'd be the one I came home to.

Until we save up for something else. Then I'm not sure what happens to you. But I appreciate you just the same.


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  1. I'm so glad to see post for the van! Its seen a lot of great WUW memories too...she's part of our parking lot family.