Monday, June 20, 2011

I go to pieces...

We've been busy at the new house, especially in the "furniture assembly" department. Even though the home decorating process is new and exciting, I'm pretty sure I never want to put together anything else ever in my entire life. Even assembling a sandwich seems like a lot of effort these days. If you had to make a grilled cheese based on some of the poorly translated instructions I've seen this weekend, you'd have one slice of bread between two pieces of cheese. And then the butter would be inside your ear.

My dysfunctional grilled cheese tv standwich

But Brando is handy, and even though I honestly haven't had much to do with any of this, he's pulling the house together like a champ. The blinds are up, the mailbox is in the ground, the kitchen table, tv stand and accent tables are all put together.

The Ikea couch and chair arrive on Wednesday.

Did I mention they arrive in boxes? Boxes that contain their multiple pieces? Yes, we will be assembling a couch and chair sometime this week/weekend.

Hopefully the grilled cheese will come out right this time.


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