Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh, yeah--I changed my layout

But only because I am terrible at Photoshop or any other kind of layout-making software, and it was really late one night and I just couldn't make anything awesome, so I got lazy and started searching for something that some random stranger had already made and that probably a million other 20-something girls use as their background too, but it had mirrors and birdcages because those two things so obviously go together and I thought, "Oh, hey--mirrors and birdcages and light blue. I like that," and so I picked it until I could summon the strength to do better.

And then I took a screen shot of if. Yes, here is a picture of something that you're already looking at right now:

If there is irony or any other kind of symbolism in that, I'm too depressed that HIMYM is not new tonight to find it.


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