Monday, March 7, 2011

I Need This...

Anyone have any idea where to find a lovely white cake stand like this Pottery Barn version?

The couple on my new favorite blog, Young House Love, have one and they use it all the time, not just for cakes, but for anything really. (Here's their cake stand being all spooky last Halloween.) And now I want one, in the same absolutely random way I wanted a bell jar. Just because. (I found my bell jar for only $8 at TJMaxx. Scooooooooore. Here's to crazy whims that don't cost much.)

My quest for a white cake stand has only led me to TJMaxx so far. Nothing there. I've looked online at Target (They only have one white stand that's out of stock online and says "limited availability" in our store, which confuses me greatly--either it's THERE or it's NOT. Or does this particular cake stand come and go as it pleases? Target employee: "Sorry, ma'am, but the white cake stand decided to run down to the beach for a three-day weekend...he's spontaneous like that.") and Wal-Mart. No dice...well, actually, Wal-Mart does have dice. Unfortunately, I don't need any dice at the moment, but it's good to know where I can find it, I guess.

It's official--White Cake Stand Hunt is on.


UPDATE: White Cake Stand Hunt is off. I acquired it today at lunch. Thanks to Jessica for pointing me towards Wal-Mart and to Target (and/or the bad weather) for keeping the white cake stand away from the beach today. Limited Availability apparently means that I only left one there for you guys to get. Don't speed getting there.

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