Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's all coming back...

I was checking out some of the new arrivals at Gap online today, and ran across something that took me right back to elementary school...and right back to the best outfit of my life (at that time).

As a 3rd grader at Headland Elementary, at least once a week if it was warm, I would pull on my denim shorts with the colored patches. These shorts were a prized possession, actually purchased by my mom at FULL PRICE from the mall. Those shorts would then get rolled up as high as humanly possible (or as high as my mom and my teacher would allow them to be--and this was BEFORE the invention of Britney Spears, so I guess girls have always, always wanted their shorts to, indeed, be short.) But perhaps, in an unwitting attempt to downplay the shortness of my colorful shorts, I added a sleeveless denim button-up shirt. Yes...denim on denim. I KNOW. And it was--get this--tucked in. This wonderful outfit was then completed with a belt, my white leather Keds and a french braid that would be completely frizzy in about five minutes and made my ears even more sticky-outy than they already were.

Best outfit ever.

So imagine the nostalgia that rolled over me when I saw this:

I really, really want this shirt. It's like fashion has come a full circle since 1993--not only are denim sleeveless button ups actually cool again, but so is denim on denim (but only if the denims aren't the same washes, i.e., a lighter denim jacket with dark denim blue jeans is ok, but jacket and jean in the same wash tends to look a little boy bandish. In the Gap picture, however, the denims do match; maybe they were trying to create the look of a denim jumper. *shudders*).

Third Grade Taylor was cool before she even knew what cool was.


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