Friday, March 11, 2011

Desperately Seeking Garden Stool

So it's almost spring, and I've probably been outside working in our yard maybe once or twice--if that. And when summer comes, forget it. The sun is too bright, my skin is too fair, sunscreen is too icky, and it's southern Alabama, so its just. plain. hot. But I still want one of these:

They're called garden stools, and I imagine they are for sitting on while you garden. But apparently, gardeners really want to be sitting pretty while they work, because these babies are pretty gorgeous for just digging in the dirt.
They are also pretty expensive. The stools above are from Pier 1 and they're like..wait for it...$100. And that's a bargin. The ones I've seen on Amazon and Target are like $150-$200! Why is everything I see and like always expensive? (Seriously, I have this problem with purses at TJMaxx--every purse I grab and go "Oooh, I like this one" is always one of the expensive ones. Every. single. time. I've stopped looking at them, it's happened so much.)

So here's hoping that they'll sit at Pier 1 until they go on clearance. Which will only happen if nobody wants them.

And who would want those ugly old garden stools anyway? That's right, no one.



UPDATE: I found a really cheap one--only $50 at TJMaxx in PC yesterday. However, this is what it looked like:

Yeah, I didn't get it. I mean, I'm really just stepping foot into the whole DIY scene (at least, I plan to, once me and B-Dog find a house and I have to start filling it with things...), so I wasn't sure about the flower decals--if you painted over them, would they show through the paint? If you sanded it down, would it mess up the ceramic? These are the kinds of questions that didn't have answers as of yesterday afternoon, so I walked away without it. Plus it wobbled a little, and didn't have nearly as many neato hole designs as the other versions. I think I'll keep looking.

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