Friday, February 25, 2011

And in Payless, I had an Epiphany...

This little beauty came in the mail last week, in a package much larger than you could expect--but I guess Banana Republic knew how mad I would be if my brand new Sailor Knot necklace was all, well...knotted up, so the big box gave it plenty of room.

I love this little--well, it's a bit chunky actually, so I guess big--guy. I found him (not quite sure why he's a him, but just go with it) in my latest Instyle magazine, met him in person at BR in person a few weeks ago, and from that moment on, schemed to find as many ways as possible to get him at a discount. He was the only purchase on my mind for a whole week. I was single-minded in my quest for this necklace--so much so, that I forgot to shop for anything else. And that gave me an idea...

I shop alot. (Actually, "alot" is wrong, isn't it? Funny blog post about the misuse of "alot" can be found here.) Multiple times a week, each week without fail, unless I'm sick or otherwise trapped in my house. And it's not just clothes, it's shoes, jewelry, purses, belts, makeup, home decor--well, it's really anything that can be purchased with money (I'm not much for bartering). And I'm more of a grazer--a little here, a lot there, a little bit more in between--which usually results in many shopping bags full of many different things in the back of my van. (And having the van doesn't make things any easier--do you realize how much space I have to fill with Gap, Limited, Dillards, Pier 1, TJMaxx and Target bags???) And even more surprising than the amount of loot that ends up going home with me? My credit card bill.

But focusing on a single item? And finding all the ways to make it cost less? That was actually kind of fun. And super rewarding when the item being sought finally arrived. So that's what I'm going to do from now on--find things, only one or two at the time, so that instead of grazing (like a cow), I'm stalking (like a lioness--because honestly, who wouldn't rather be a lioness than a cow?). And trying to find the best deal, so that I'll save money.

So what will my first prey be? Some preforated shoes like these J.Crew booties:


I already found a peep-toe version of them today at Payless (where I actually formalized this hunter-gatherer approach to shopping):

Not quite the same, but the general ideas (lace up, preforation) are there, and their peeptoed which makes them even cuter. Also cheaper than the more similar Vince Camuto version that I would really like (and may get if I can ever a) find them, and then b) find them on sale):

Vince Camuto

Also at Payless was a version of these J.Crew suede sandels:



Both these options are waaaaay cheaper than their J.Crew cousins, and since they probably aren't timeless (certainly not the preforated booties), that's a good thing.

I also really want some chunky wedges just like my mom used to wear in the 70's. Oh, yes--flared jeans are back, but now they call them "wide-leg trouser jeans." Yeah, right. You are totally bell bottoms. *Updated: Scored a pair this Presidents Day, on sale for $20. Thanks, Abe. Oh, and I used a nifty coupon app called Coupon Sherpa to get an extra 15% off. Oh yeah.

But my next big ticket item to be stalked is this necklace from Ann Taylor:

I haven't seen any knock-off versions around yet, but I haven't really looked, either. So if you see one somewhere, or stumble across an Ann Taylor coupon you won't use, tell me. Like, immediately.

It's beautiful outside. Enjoy it with preforated booties and tassle necklaces!


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