Monday, February 7, 2011

Britney Spears = iPhone = Twilight

My iPhone is in Dothan! After a long journey (with icy delays in Memphis which kept me from getting it last week), the phone I've been waiting almost 2 years for is finally here!

It's really about darn time, too. Here are a few Signs I Was Totally Ready for the iPhone:

1. The Blackberry is so old, it is now only really good at making calls--as in "dialing the actual number on the keypad and pressing call." The ancient track ball  has lost the ability to scroll down. Do you know how important scrolling down is? You don't realize that it is pretty much absolutely necessary to EVERYTHING YOU DO until you can't do it anymore.

2. When I first saw this Verizon iPhone commerical, I got chill bumps.

No, Verizon. Thank you.

3. I treated the Verizon iPhone rumors with the same reverence normally reserved for Britney Spears and Twilight. Yeah, it was that important.

4. It took all my willpower not to stay home today and wait for the Fedex man to arrive.

So yeah, "ready to get the iPhone" is actually kind of an understatement.


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