Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tonight's the night...

Do you know what today is??? Yes, it's probably time for a new Modern Family*, but it's also the night I've spent years dreaming about...

...tonight's the night I order my iPhone 4 from Verizon.

Yes people, it's finally here. And at 2:00am tonight (ok, so it's technically tomorrow, but I'm not really a technical person, so whatevs) I am going to wake myself up, get on my computer and cross my fingers that the Verizon website doesn't go down. (By the way, Verizon, I see what you've done here. You've put the preorder time at 3am EST so that it's midnight on the West Coast. Well played, Apple.)

Hopefully, they will start shipping the iPhones out immediately, so that I can get that sweet piece of life-altering technology in my grasping little hands as soon as possible.

So tonight, after a carelessly thrown-together meal eaten in front of the television watching Modern Family** (and Cougar Town if it actually comes on) followed by another classic episode of Dallas*** (You must watch Dallas if you've never seen it from the beginning. J.R. and Sue Ellen are the new thing at the Thames house) and then it's off to bed for 3 hours of dreams before the big order.

Wish me luck!!!


*Are you not already watching Modern Family? You must watch Modern Family. It's about a modern family. Obviously.

**Seriously, watch this show.

***I seem to be a bit bossy about your television viewing habits. My bad.

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