Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Look!

Ok, so the world did not change overnight after I changed the background on my blog page. I am so sorry if I overhyped the event! But you like the new look, right? I thought you would!

I got it from The Cutest Blog on the Block (totally original, I know, but their stuff is so cute!). I really like this because I am a big fan of calm, neutral colors. Plus, I really like grey! In fact, I like it so much that one of my first child's names will probably be GREY, with grey walls in the kidding. But that is so far away that we aren't really going to go there. (But if you steal my baby name, I will hunt you down. Because that's how strongly girls from the south feel about baby names, even for babies that aren't even an idea yet.)

Hope you enjoy the new look and that it is easy on the eyes! I have another post for today about the NEW MOON dvd artwork that showed up on Amazon this morning--it's great! I am so excited about all the fantastic movies that are coming out this year--it's going to be awesome! AND it gives me an idea for another post...

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