Monday, January 11, 2010

New Moon DVD Artwork

So has the New Moon DVD available for pre-order this morning! Very exciting day for Twilight fans, especially because we are in the middle of a big, huge drought of information! So this sort of helps us get our "fix" for new stuff!So, talking with my favorite Twilight Friend (can I name her? I don't know yet!), we decided that we liked the cover. Alot. We even broke down the "Subtle Nuances" of the cover, like how Bella is closer to Edward than she is to Jacob, which obviously symbolizes her choice between the two. *SPOILER ALERT: She chooses Edward. It's always been Edward.*

There is no release date on the Amazon page, although I have seen indications that the release date in France is March 18th, which is around the same time that Twilight came out on DVD last year.

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