Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Whoo-hoo! 2010, baby! Yeah!

I know that I haven't posted in FOR-EV-ER, but since 2010 is a brand new year, I have resolved (yes, resolved--but not as in resolution--I haven't made any of those this year!) to update more frequently. This year is going to be really exciting, so everyone needs to hear about said excitement. From me. On this blog. (I should also resolve to get more people to actually read my blog. Hmm...*adds to list*)

I want to re-vamp my blog too, so get ready for a new look! I got an iMac for my 25th (YES, MY TWENTY-FIFTH BIRTHDAY--celebrated in both pork loin and Twilight fashion!), so I really want to spend more time with it, getting to know it, and getting it to help me make awesome things. I want it to become my new best friend. *Sorry Adrienne! Ok, fine, you can help me think of things to write about on here. Feel better?*

Can't wait to write random things for everyone in 2010!


  1. You were like the only person who blogged less than I did last year, so now I'm going to have to keep up with you :) JK. I hope you and your new mac become great friends. I know you'll love her as much as she loves you!

  2. No, you are one of my bloggy heros! You have such amazing things to document now (Anna Lee!), and you do it pretty regularly. I look up to your blog!!