Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The new bathoom: The Reveal!

In the words of Miss Britney Jean Spears (whom I'll be seeing again in 8 days--more on that later), "It's been awhile...I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting...but I'm here now."

So I haven't updated in forever, and I know that all 4 people who read this blog have been really upset about that. But I finally uploaded the pictures of my brand new, totally finished bathroom! Guys, I don't even remember when the bathroom remodel even started, but I know that I love the results!
And now, for the first time ever online (I'm pretty sure my bathroom has never been on the internet before...), I present the brand new Thames guest bathroom:

Everyone who comes into the new bathroom says, "You are sooo lucky you found that shower curtain." And they are right...the blue green in the curtain EXACTLY matches the blue-green countertop, which I was not handy enough to attempt to change. But I like the color, so it all worked out in a perfectly color-coordinated way.

This is the infamous light fixture. (Infamous because it was a major pain to put up. AND as soon as we got it up, one of the sconces fell and shattered, and it took forever for the replacement to come in.) Was it worth all the trouble? No--but at least it looks purty.

I love my Victoria's Secret robe that was a Christmas present from my parents years ago! I'm so glad I have a cute way to display it!

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  1. CONGRATS!! It looks great!! What a huge weight to have lifted now that its done.