Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More redecorating spoilers!

I swear, I am not dragging this process of bathroom redecorating out to tease any of you. I would be more than happy if it were already done and I was taking lavender bubble baths in my swanky new spa bathroom, like, yesterday.

But alas, I am a Thames and that means stuff gets done slowly and with great effort.

This past weekend, we did have a breakthrough, and now there is only ONE MORE THING left to do before the bathroom is complete! It's just such a shame that the "one more thing" will be "a huge pain." More on that later.

To bring you up to speed, this weekend the following tasks were accomplished: light fixture replaced, all towel rods/rings installed, shower curtain rod back up (finally!), hinges and knobs removed from cabinets, new shower curtain and towels displayed neatly. And cutely.

Cute towels--check.

Matching shower curtain of cuteness--check.

By the way, the new light fixture? It was a nightmare. First, Brando and I went and picked out a beautiful light from Lowes on Saturday. It went up pretty easily, until it was time to put the globes on. Then we discovered that the globes touched the mirror. So the light had to be uninstalled, repackaged and taken back to Lowes the next day.

So the next day rolls around, and we don't have any problems getting a new light. Where the problems do begin, however, is trying to get the support plate for the light to line up with the metal box thingy already in the wall. Which it doesn't. Of course.

The light fixture from Hades. It is lucky that it is so darn cute.

So off we go to Lowes again, because there is not ONE SINGLE SCREW NUT in our entire house. We are not tool people. We have the basics, but apparently that doesn't include nuts. We basically had to come up with our own way to get this light mounted on the wall. (Our way only included 2 extra screw nuts, but required a whole 'nother trip to D-town. Awesome.) We eventually did--after one entire day's worth of work. Brando is very handy, so that means that it was really that hard to do, not that we were lazy and took breaks because he didn't. (Notice I said "he.")

Cabinets before

Cabinets after (approximately--they are less red than the picture shows)

So after all that, the bathroom looks almost like a bathroom again. Except for the fact that all the cabinet doors are missing. Why are they missing? Because the "one more thing" I mentioned earlier is the sanding and restaining of the cabinets. They need to be darker to go with everything else in the room. I think its going to be awful, but I know the sooner that we get started on it, the sooner I will be smelling lavender and steaming up the mirror.

Guys, that could be weeks...


  1. Taylor...Yes, yes you are dragging this out to tease us!!! I feel like I'm watching a HGTV episode that never shows the reveal!!!!! (I LOVE HGTV). Do I need to come help? hahaha I do LOVE the light fixture and the curtain/towels and the darker cabinets. Great job.

  2. This is the second time I am leaving a comment the last one disappeared.

    I have been in the process of remodeling my entire house for the last year. This entry has inspired me to get up and do the bathroom this weekend. Just so I can blog about it.

  3. You know, Jeshua, I've always wanted to be an inspiration. Thank you!

    Adam, I swear the next blog about my bathroom will be that it's finished!!!! Thanks for the compliments!