Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, I know that a few weeks back (on April 28th to be exact), I posted about my big, bad bathroom remodel. When I last mentioned it, the wallpaper was down and we were ready to move on to the next phase! So when, you may be wondering, will you get to see the finished product? Of course, we'd be finished by now, right? I mean, it has been well over a month since the wallpaper was removed--so I should be showing you some awesome "after" photos pretty soon, right?

Well, if you know me and my family, it should be no surprise that, in fact--NO, we are not done yet. We work ridiculously slow, and by slow, I mean we spend some nights (ok, many nights) lying on the couch watching Miss Marple, and not even worried about that silly bathroom! We're not lazy people...we just get sidetracked!

I am happy to say that in the last week, things have progressed very well in the bathroom redecorating department. (I guess me and the madre got our second wind.) The walls were primed and painted. Take a look at this teaser photo of the finished wall color:

Ok, I know what you're thinking (well, you might not be thinking this, but I was, so just roll with me, 'kay?)--why is the bathroom painted Paper Bag? Isn't that chocolate milk brown the same color that EVERYONE paints their living room/bedroom/hallway/etc? I thought that bathrooms were some of the only rooms where you could get creative with colors and whatnot? So why not yellow, or blue, or green?
Two reasons (and they are incredibly practical):
1. The bathroom has a blue-green counter top, and since we were only going for a bathroom redecorating project and not a remodeling deal, I had to choose a neutral, complementary color. Let's just say Paper Bag looks awesome with the counter top.
2. I love this color.
(Told you it was practical.)
Brando is coming this weekend to put up the towel racks, new light fixture, etc. Before he gets here, we will work on finishing the trim, painting the ceiling, and starting to paint the cabinets. So, knowing us (and the fact that Roseanne is now on TV Land every night) it may be a while before those "after" pictures get posted. Don't give up on me, you guys.


  1. I have really been wondering about this! I was like... "So....is she done yet?!?! And, if so...I wanna know!" hahaha. You are not the only one that gets sidetracked with projects. Also, I LOVE the color. It will def make your sink pop and any accent pieces that you have. Keep us informed.

  2. Sidetracked with "projects"?? Try sidetracked with cable television!