Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am in the middle of a remodeling project...me, Brandon, and my mom have been taking the wallpaper off the walls in my bathroom, and are getting ready to paint it! Taking down wallpaper is not as hard as I thought, but it is certainly annoying.

Here is the offending wallpaper:

It was so cute back in 1992...
While it IS true (in my bathroom, at least) that warm water and a sponge are all you need to take wallpaper down, it took too long for me. So Brandon and I went out and bought a wallpaper scorer and the removal solvent, as well as a couple of scrapers. That worked faster, but it was still a pain. For my walls, the paper removal process consisted of these steps:

Step 1. Somehow remove the actual floral wallpaper from 1992.

Step 2. Now remove the backing that you left behind when you only ripped off the facing of the wallpaper.

Step 3. Now go back and find the glue that is left on the walls.

Step 4. Hide the gianormous holes you tore into the drywall from Brandon and your mother.

Step 5. With too many to hide, ask Brandon or your mother to fix the gianormous holes you tore into the drywall.

So as of last night, ALL the offending wallpaper, its backing, and its glue are gone! The walls have been sanded (!) and wiped down(!!), and we are ready to prime, baby!

Here are some before pics (before paint, after wallpaper removal):


  1. Can't wait to see the end results!

  2. Oh, you poor dear!!!! I took down wall paper ONCE .... and that was enough .... LOLOL!
    Never, ever, never, ever again!

  3. It looks so much better! But I will miss the ugly wallpaper!!!

  4. Christine, most people I've talked to said that it was horrible, but it hasn't been too terrible. I am more annoyed with the wallpaper than anything else!! I'm probably really just trying to keep my spirits up, because the wallpaper in the master bathroom REALLY needs to go...

  5. Adrienne, I know!!! It is like ripping off pieces of my childhood. *Sniff* But the first lavender scented bubble bath I take in my new spa-themed "rest" room will be totally worth it!