Friday, April 24, 2009

So, I like detective novels...

Dame Agatha Christie, the "Queen of Crime"

So I mentioned in my last post that I liked to read. One of my favorite authors is Agatha Christie. She was an English crime writer who wrote over 80 detective novels, her first published in 1920 and last in 1976. Only the Bible has sold more copies than her novels have!! Never in a million years would I imagine myself settling down in bed at night to read a good murder mystery--but her books are awesome! You NEVER know who does it, and they are entertaining right up to the end--plus, they are so old fashioned and English-y. I love it!

David Suchet as Hercule Poirot

Her most famous character was her Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. He was featured in 33 novels and 51 short stories. He is my favorite character-- fussy, vain, dressed to the nines with shiny patent leather shoes, had fabulous mustaches, an egg shaped head that tilted sideways when thinking, and green eyes that would glow when he reached the solution. (Not literally's not science fiction). He didn't go around looking for "the footprints or the cigarette ash." Instead, he would examine the crime and the suspects from the psychological angle. Poirot boasted several times of the ability of his "little grey cells" to solve the crime from a comfy armchair in his apartment--and then he would proceed to do so!

Joan Hickson as Miss Marple

The next most popular character (and my second favorite also) was Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster from a small English village. She solves crimes by recognizing parallels between the suspects and people from her own village. For such a prim lady, she had "a mind like a sink," and was always prepared for the worst in every one--and was usually proven right.

Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple

Both Poirot and Miss Marple were made into television series in the 80's/90's, and still continue on today. David Suchet is considered by many to be the quintessential Poirot. My favorite Miss Marple actress is Geraldine McEwan. I have all the Poirot episodes and all but one set of Miss Marple's on DVD, and they are all excellent viewing.

Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple

The whole reason for this post was because I just found out some exciting (to me) news!!! PBS will be showing two brand new Poirot and three brand new Miss Marple episodes this summer!! The Poirot episodes, once again starring David Suchet, will air June 21 and June 28. The Miss Marple episodes, starring newcomer Julia McKenzie, will air July 5, 12, 19, and 26.

With all the great summer movies, book and DVD releases, and television series, this summer promises to be pretty awesome!!

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