Monday, May 4, 2009


A couple weekends ago, my mom and I took a break from the bathroom remodeling to add some color around the pool! (Actually, it was more like a sidetrack...while at Lowe's picking up primer and rollers, we walked through the garden center and I got hooked on gerber daisies!)

So I picked out some pretty flowers and a big bag of potting soil, and Ann and I went to work planting them in the cement pots out by the pool. I only know the names of two of them--sad, right? The only background checks those flowers went through were a) Ooh, they're pretty!, and b) they like full sun. And the flowers are lucky I did that, or they would've fried out there.

Here are some pictures of the daisies, zinneas, and those other ones. :)

Our chunky angel hanging out by the pool.

There was a little petunia from last year that was trying to grow in the lower left-hand corner (you can see its little leaf sticking out from the herb in the middle). I didn't have the heart to dig it up...luckily! Some bloom-encouraging fertilizer cocktails later, and it GREW!!! In one week, it had filled up the corner AND has a FLOWER!!!

My favorite planter--I love this color combination!

I am so glad that I held out a little longer for an awesome camera! I am still amazed when pictures turn out like this!


  1. Thanks! That is a compliment coming from you--your pictures are always amazing! I love the ones of your dogs!

  2. Hi! I didn't know you had a blog! how fun!

  3. It's brand new!! I enjoy it alot...I like coming up with random things to write about, like my Pepsi Throwback Challenge!