Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About TAT

Just some random things about me...

1. I read A LOT and have an entire wall full of books in my room. I hate those built in shelves, but they do come in handy. My favorite thing to do in the whole wide world is read.

2. My thumbs can bend backwards at 90 degree angles. I look funny giving a thumbs up because I don't realize that thumbs up shouldn't look like that.

3. I am engaged to Brandon Wheeler from Rutledge, Alabama.

4. I was a big "pretender" when I was little--in fact, I don't know if I really did anything as "Taylor Thames" growning up. I was always a spy, or a superhero, or a movie star, or a singer, etc, etc. Car trips, grocery runs and family reunions were never boring, and this was before portable dvd players.

5. I love my name. I have accused my mom for years of naming me after 80's/90's singer Taylor Dane (they sound very similar), but actually my aunt Pam suggested "Taylor." I could have been Lily, which actually would've turned out pretty nice, too. But my mom decided to go with the alliteration, just in case I was ever famous.

6. Birds are my favorite animals. Red cardinals are the best and I have a little collection of statues or stationary with red cardinals on it--really fun at Christmas time! I think I'm like a bird sometimes...

7. My favorite bird was my pet parakeet, Maxwell Smart Thames, or just Max for short. I received Max and his girlfriend 99 (I named them after the 1960's show Get Smart) after my great grandmother died and before I started 3rd grade. I remember that because on the first day of third grade, we had to draw a picture and tell a little bit about ourselves. I told everyone that my great grandmother had died and I had two parakeets. 99 was supposed to be my favorite because she was pure white (like that pony I always wanted and never got, I guess), but she was not a nice bird--she bit me several times. 99 had some heath problems and died during bird surgery. So then it was just me and Max. I probably didn't take care of Max as well as I should have because I became a teenager (i.e., selfish) and more interested in other things, but me and Max stuck together until I was a sophomore in college. I had that bird from the age of 8 until the age of 20--TWELVE YEARS. That is a long time for a parakeet. He got sick right before I went to Troy and I was holding him when he died. I cried like a little 8 year old.

8. I love Britney Spears and went to her latest concert in Atlanta! Best trip ever!

9. My best friend is Adrienne and she lives almost 2 hours away from me :( But I am blessed to have the rest of my best friends in the same area: Amy, Cathleen and Diane! We all try to have lunch together every week. I never appreciated friends as much as I do these four girls! We are not YaYas because we are pretty sure that is copyrighted--instead we are Yeyahs! I love them all!

10. My fiance Brandon has a chihuahua named Daisy. He did not choose Daisy--Daisy decided that she would be Brandon's. She is a pit bull living in a small chihuahua body to strangers, but she is the cutest dog I have ever known! She's big fun in a tiny collar!

11. When I was in middle school, I had bangs that started at the top of my head (I am not kidding) and went across my entire forehead. I also used Sun-In the wrong way, so for a while, I had orange hair. But this was about the same time that Nicole Kidman did Practical Magic--and I looked exactly like her. She became "my" movie star, and I still smile when people say that I look like her.

12. The weirdest, funniest things happen to my friend Amy. She is just one of those people.

13. I was born in Panama City, Florida, spent five years in Jacksonville, Florida, and started kindergarten in Headland, Alabama. I was one of the only kids without a southern accent and I talked like I was 30. I finally developed the drawl, but am still surprised when people comment on my accent--I think, "I don't have a sout...oh wait, I do."

14. My first car was a 1988 Buick LaSabre. It was red--and so was everything on the inside. Everything.

15. I am related (by marriage, so not technically...) to Truman Capote, one of my favorite authors. My cousin remembers seeing him at a family reunion.

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