Monday, June 10, 2013

Butterfly In the Sky/On My Sweater

Reading Rainbow was a show that frustrated me as a child. I couldn't stand it, yet usually ended up having to watch taped episodes of RR at my school's extended day program, even though we all had our little fingers crossed for Tiny Toon Adventures instead.

I'm a reader, and I think that's why I didn't like the show. Because it was a television show...about reading books.

Think about it.

Hopefully it instilled the joy of reading in some of its little viewers. I, however, sought that joy from, you know, actual books.

The only thing I took away from RR is what I take away from all television shows--the theme song stuck in my brain for life. So when I got this butterfly sweater from J.Crew on my last shopping trip, I totally sang the RR theme song all day.

And now you can, too. :)

Oh, and some more of Mom's agapanthas (agapanthi?), because I love these things.


  1. Aw, nah, I am going to have to put down a big ole virtual "oh no you didn't!" right there - I loooved Reading Rainbow! LeVar Burton was the bomb-diggity children's book TV host, I am pretty sure it was one of my fave shows back when I was a kid, behind She-Ra, Jem, Thundercats and WWF. ;o)

    1. Uh, oh, 80's child throwdown! :) I literally just couldn't take it. But we have the same taste in cartoons b/c I was crazy obsessed with She-Ra and Jem. My best Halloween costume from like '88 was a homemade (with love by my Mommy) She-Ra costume. Oh wow, was that Halloween awesome. And I had all the She-Ra and Jem dolls...still do, actually! :)


    2. My dad is such a neat freak that my She-Ra and Jem dolls disappeared before I was out of elementary school, I think. I kind of wish I still had them myself!