Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've had a thing for pink lately. I think it's a seasonal thing. It must be the two weeks we've had of spring here in Alabama, rather than days. Even tiny pops of pink--like the piping on this blouse, or the roses popping up all over the jasmine fence at my parents--are calling me.

I could get used to this weather. I shouldn't, because it won't last. But I can dream and wear pink long-sleeve shirts while it's here.

Shirt: J.Crew (on sale!) Skirt: Target Shoes: Sam Edelman (bought last year on ebay for an insanely low price) Sunnies: DG from TJMaxx (same style here) Bracelet: ebay

(Hi, Mom!)


  1. Ooooh, those glasses are sooo beautiful! Do they have that cute swirl on the side (oh wait, I just saw the link)? I used to work for Sunglass Hut & saw a pair from one of the high-end brands...either Chanel, D&G, or Gucci. They were all black and I coveted them so badly lol. They look great on you! I must get them now!

    P.S. Your outfit is so sweetly relaxed!

    1. They are knock offs of the Baroque Pradas--they are DG (Designer Glasses) and I found them at TJMaxx! They also have knockoffs on ebay and even on Amazon!

      Thank you for stopping by!!