Friday, February 22, 2013

Wet Sleeves

We're concerned here that the rain we're about to get could flood us again in the Wiregrass. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but the rain boots will be out on the town (via my feet) for the next few days. But Wednesday was a beautiful sunny day, and sunny colors felt appropriate.

The sleeves were quite appropriate as well, much more so than the the big ol' sleeves of the shirt that I wore Thursday to Leadership Dothan. Those ended up in the bacon at breakfast. However, I managed to keep them out of the stir fry at lunch.

Other things I did at Leadership this time:

  • Tried to stab the Operation game board with the orthoscopic probes while trying out the DaVinci equipment at Flowers Hospital. I've always had horrible depth perception. I was able to grab the rubber band, though. Small victories.
  •  Retreated to the hallway with my classmate Amanda while the rest of our group got to see a piece of diseased flesh and a gall bladder complete with gall stones. Oh, and a mastectomied breast. There's a reason I didn't go into the medical field. That reason is because they wouldn't pay me to stand in hallways all day.

On a positive note, I was happy to see all the wonderful technology that both our equally fantastic hospitals have. It makes even this scared-y tat feel a little better about hospitalization to know that we have ample quality healthcare in our area.

Cardigan: J.Crew, old. Shirt: Old Navy Pants: Gap Shoes: Dillards, old Purse: Kate Spade via TJMaxx


  1. That is a really, really good pic of you!! I love that outfit too!

  2. Darling color combination, T! It's the best example if Spring fashion I've seen yet :)

  3. Really cute outfit and a breath of fresh air for spring for sure! Those of us further north will have to wait a bit but hopefully soon we'll be able to pull out the pastels too! Thanks for the great outfit ideas as always!

    1. I cannot stop, and I'm the last person to be wishing away winter, but pastels are all I can keep putting on!! Thank you!