Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prabal-y Not

Well, my Target did not get very many of the Prabal Gurung pieces at all. Like, maybe 10 clothing items and 3 shoes total? It was sad, because none of them were pieces I was interested in. I just wanted the mirror sweatshirt! But we didn't have it.

Basic long sleeve tee: The bright colors were great, but this was a basic. longsleeve. tee. Not super interested.

I can't even describe this one without laughing. I look like Johnny Cash on some sort of bad trip. Next!

This was super cute, and probably the closest I came to actually buying something, but since it has so much white in the background, it will probably look better on a more tan person. 

This was probably the very cutest on. It would totally zip up in the back, it just wasn't something I was able to do myself, for those of you who noticed. And bonus points for those who noticed the faces in the dress hanging up to the left. I can see something that looks like a smiling Budda (or rabbit with no ears) and a frog catching fireflies in his mouth. I blame the Johnny Cash shirt from earlier.

These sandals probably impressed me the most...out of the three pairs they had. I did notice some weird green foam or plastic visible when it probably shouldn't be. 



  1. I bought the dress in the third photo. Very cute on you as is the last dress. I did get the sweatshirt but wasn't as impressed with it as I was the look online. The fabric is really too polyestery for my taste but I bought it anyway to take it home to decide since it us sold out online.
    I did look at the green coat on that blog you mentioned. Now I don't know which color unlike best!

    1. Darn autocorrect!
      It is sold out......
      ......Color I like best.

  2. Cute stuff! I seriously can not wait until we get Target up here in Canada :)

  3. I love his collection, but when I tried it on, they did not look amazing on me!

  4. Did you end up snagging anything? I had my eye on that black and psychedelic dress but finally decided nothing was really me (plus the only item I really wanted - those shorts - were so gone so fast)!

  5. I died laughing when I saw the title to your post! Too funny and so clever:) Thanks so much for doing these great reviews and saving me a trip to target! You probably saved me not just time, but from buying more useless crap. I haven't been impressed with target's designer collaborations for a long time, so I didn't think this one would be any different.