Monday, October 1, 2012

Back in Black

I'm back. Back at the office. Back in my cube with my little green lamp and my Peanuts desk calendar and my space heater. Back in my comfy desk chair. Back in clothes that are not t-shirts! :)

See? Here's me not wearing a t-shirt:

In other unrelated, but slightly terrifying news, it rained today. So I thought I'd wear my rainboots. Put said rainboots on. Decided not to wear them after all. Tried to take them off and they wouldn't budge. It was like rubber rainboot suction had glued them to my hapless feet and calves. I almost lost it, y'all. I was terrified that I would never be able to take them off and my poor feet would never be able to be free ever again.

They eventually came off, but only after I realized that I can add shoe claustrophobia to the list of weird things that scare me.



  1. Is that the J. Crew aline ponte dress?! It looks so similar :) I have the same one and ADORE it! Perfect LBD


    1. Yes, yes it is! And it is FANTASTIC. I seriously love this dress!