Monday, June 4, 2012


I wore this outfit last week and got lots of comments on it. Namely, "You are so dressed up today!" I'll admit, a pencil skirt with tucked-in shirt and heels IS a fancy outfit, but I was a little confused. I wore a pencil skirt the day before. With a leopard print cardigan. I wasn't "dressed up" then. What was the difference?

Heels. Heels were the difference.

I've thought about it a billion times over the past few weeks--I need comfy, dressy-casual heels that go with anything. Sounds impossible, right? Well, yes, but I think this past weekend, I found two pairs that can get the job done. This week, I feel like wearing comfortable clothes, but have dressed them up with aforementioned heels. We'll see how it goes, but I will tell you this--heels really do elevate your outfit.

And with that sartorial pun,



  1. That JC ikat shirt is fantastic - I regret not buying it now!

    1. It really is--it was the first thing I picked to try on when I got it! It's still at the Factory!