Monday, May 7, 2012

The Webster at Target IRL

Used my lunch hour today to go try on all the pretty dresses from The Webster line at Target. Was in love with most of them! I didn't walk out of there with anything, but I think after I finish typing this post, I'm going to regret at least two of them. I also didn't try on any skirts, shirts, cardigans or blazers, but just looking at them on the hangers, they are very complimentary and will look good pieced together.

First is this art deco shift. My very first try-on, and my very first regret. I really may have to jet over there after work and think about snagging this--very Megan a la Mad Men.

Ugh. NO. This maxi dress is all hips, y'all. I mean, I could not make them go away. Try before you buy to see if it does it to you!

Cute cotton eyelet dress--look at the adorable cut out in the back! I could have sized down, but you get the idea. Very comfy.

Abstract print with MAY-JAH poof sleeves. Very Dallas. I liked it, though! The colors are amazing. Another potential regret, although not as regret-y as the shift.

I initially (like, in the lookbooks) thought this print was flamingos. I was mistaken. I almost didn't pick this one up, because it looked so blah and shapeless on the hanger, but it's another potential regret. Super comfy, but would static be a problem? Sigh. I'm missing it even more just looking at it.

Picked it up and didn't know why. Took it to the dressing room and didn't know why. Tried it on and didn't know why. Finally figured out why--because it's awesome. Regret.

No regrets.

Mixed feelings of regret and non-regret. (Unregret? Idk.) I loved it because it's navy and green! But it's racerback, boo. But it's navy and green!!!
Go get one, or two, or whatever...

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  1. You're rockin' the dresses. Now I wish I'd tried some on. I'll have to do it soon. For now I enjoyed the fashion show & your hair is awesome. love the cut :)