Monday, May 7, 2012

PC (Not B)

Thank goodness we actually got out and went somewhere this weekend. On Friday night, we headed down to Panama City proper for their Friday Fest downtown. Apparently, every first Friday of the month, instead of just testing their severe weather sirens, they have a street party downtown and all the Harrison Avenue shops and restaurants stay open late for the fun. Some shots from the night:

Boats, boats, BOATS! (Sorry, I just had to.)


Me with my dreamboat

Not a boat. A lady posing like a Greek statue.

Old Martin theater marquee

Bracelet from Brando

Street party!

My incredibly disproportional take on the cropped top trend. (Seriously, I am going to lower the tripod next time.) Yes, there's a little faux-tanned belly flash in there somewhere. Where better to try it than Florida, right?


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