Monday, April 16, 2012

Yes, We Know

I love this commercial:

I laugh so hard when Chester Cheetah, exasperated with his fellow construction worker and ready to get back to the party, delivers the best line ever: "Yes, we know."

So when, for the 100 bazillionth time, I told Brandon, "Everything in the front flower bed looks so messy. Especially those daylillies. I really want to plant something else there,"  he looked at me, and in an exact imitation, deadpanned:

"Yes, we know."

And so it began. Here's a picture of the house when we bought it. You can't really see how weedy and just generally messy the daylillies made the front bed look/feel (and that's because I forgot to take proper before pictures). I'm all about some daylillies--just not these in my front flower bed.

And this is my blank slate provided by the heroic efforts of Brando. He removed the offending daylillies (which have a new home now somewhere in my parents' yard) and also some grasses that had died back over the winter and were all scraggily now. Scraggily is totally a word, btw.

We had already replaced the old, dried out pine straw with rubber mulch last year, and we were really impressed with the overall effect of the dark beds against the grass and the house. We preferred it to the orange of new pine straw.

As for what to put in all those holes? Well, we had no idea.

And let me tell you, there's nothing better than going to Lowe's on the weekend with absolutely no idea what you're doing.

Finished pictures later. Off to find some Cheetohs,


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