Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Valentinas

As I said in a previous post, I made it successfully through 40 days of Lent without shopping. On the 41st day I got on my computer and ordered a pair of shoes.

Not just any shoes, though. Shoes that I had wanted ever since I saw them the previous fall in a J.Crew catalog. I remember exactly what the model was wearing--toothpick blue jeans, a white oxford shirt and a bright red blazer. I even remember that she was crouched down and had messy brown hair. And I remember those shoes. Pointy toes. Leopard print patent leather. I wanted the whole outfit. I already had jeans and a white shirt. I didn't have a red blazer, but I had a red sweater that would have to suffice.

The shoes were a different story. I didn't have anything like those. But they were also ridiculously expensive. So I searched high and low for leopard kitten heels that weren't $200. I looked literally all fall and all winter long. At the mall. On the internet. At Target. On other people's feet.

 Nothing. Lots of inappropriately tall leopard heels. Lots of leopard flats. No leopard kitten heels.

(To clarify, "kitten" refers to the height of the heel, usually 1.5 to 2 inches high, and not to what it's made of. Fun Google Fact--if you accidentally type "kitten hell" in the search bar, Google knows you mean "heel". Random Taylor Thought: Can you imagine how bad a kitten would have to be to end up in kitten hell? It's still a kitten.)

I realize this is the second post with pictures of kittens. I have no explaination.

The J.Crew shoes went on sale during Lent. I held my breath every day while checking to see if they still had my size. And then, on the last day of Lent, they went on extra sale--my shoes would be only $56.

The last day of Lent. I could do it.

I totally did it.

After watching the Easter sun come up over the tops of the businesses on  Headland's town square, after saying my many, MANY thank you's to Jesus for everything He's done for my undeserving self...I ordered the shoes.

They weren't an Easter miracle or anything. I'm not that crazy. They're just shoes--they aren't really that special or important. But maybe they're kind of like proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. Or better yet, that you can do all things, even little silly things like not shopping for yourself, in Christ who strengthens you.

Only now I get to do all those things in leopard print kitten heels.


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