Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best, Blingiest Shoes Ever

Yes, this post is really all about the shoes. I've worn this striped dress/white oxford combo before, so it's really nothing new. But these shoes?

These shoes are wonderful. They're the Darby glitter loafers from J.Crew and I got them on sale (!!!) because J.Crew shoes are spensive, y'all. But I had my eye on these babies for a while. And it wasn't hard to keep my eye on them because they. are. shiny. And super comfy and so well made and sleek. And even though the shops are really moving into spring, the whole "men's slipper" trend this winter really got to me. Hopefully, slippers and loafers will still be en vogue next winter.

And as for my outfit pictures...sigh. These pictures are not awesome. I know that. They are warm and grainy b/c they are so dark before I photoshop them, and yes, I did get a flash for Christmas, but it is just not working in the spare bedroom for some reason. I will work on finding a better place to take pictures. 


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