Monday, January 30, 2012

New at Old Navy

I've been a little spendy lately, and the brakes are being applied tout de suite. And while I've racked up some very impressive new pieces in my wardrobe...said wardrobe is huge. Like, I was telling my mom the other day that I could probably wear an entirely new outfit every day for the rest of the year based on what I already own. Not that I would never actually commit to doing that, because the shopping is almost as much (if not more) fun than the wearing. But definitely less. New philosophy: Less is in the pocket.

So while taking pictures of new things at Old Navy is not really conducive to saving money, I'll be happy to report to you that I did not purchase a single thing pictured. I just went to look. Looking became trying on. Trying on became a great idea.

Instead of PURCHASING the items I found and loved, why not just SHARE them? Sharing is free and perfectly healthly for everyone, unless it's germs or bad news or something icky like that. So I've decided, that when I find something pretty amazing, I want to  spend YOUR money, not mine amaze everyone else as well. 

I've also decided, in an effort to be more creative at home (and less whiny about less new clothes/shoes/jewelry), to take pictures of some of my favorite outfits. It makes dressing up in the morning fun, and makes "closet shopping" seem cooler.

Butterfly dress: They had this styled with a long, red blazer. Almost linen-ish. Could very well have been linen. I didn't try it on with the blazer b/c I thought it looked a bit "old English country lady", but this dress def needs an anchor. The butterflys are very cartoony, and it needs some serious. Unless you're Zooey Deschanel. Then maybe. I've paired these with some lovely rain boots. What? It could work.

This was my faveeee. It's just a regular blue-striped boatneck tee (actually the back and front are two different colors, so it's actually got a bit of "special" to it), with a sleeveless shell over it. The pearls are my own. They are fake. Brandon is super happy I wear these fake ones instead of the real ones he bought me a few Christmases ago. The shell is a bright poppy color and very light sweater-y. Not a very tight knit. Almost remided me of raw silk, but I looked and it wasn't. I was really, REALLY in love with the shell. That's probably why I look so cocky in this picture. I'm like "Yeah, this is one awesome shell." Didn't really need another striped tee. Oh, who am I kidding? I love stripes and could totally use another striped tee. I just didn't love this one very much.

The shirt...has BIRDS on it. I have been looking for a shirt with weird things on it (silhouettes of horses, birds, a giant odd-shaped heart etc.) forever. And it was at Old Navy the whole time. I did like the cream colored blouse more (those birds were blue and yellow) but they did not have one in my size.

This was my outfit for the day, copied directly from an old J.Crew magazine cover using pieces I already owned!! And the old lady hairdo was courtsey of the rainy weather we were supposed to get later in the day. And these things. These are amazing.


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