Friday, December 16, 2011

Sticks and stones...well, just the sticks

Have you ever been over to my house? If you have, you know I like white. White picture frames, white vases, white plates, white rugs, white pillows...I even have a white couch and arm chair. I love white in my house.

But there are some things I love that aren't white. But that's ok.

Because they can become white.

Brando jokes that white spray paint is a commodity in our house. I really don't argue with him. Because I do use it a lot. I mean...a lot.

So when I decided I wanted two giant sticks spray painted white to go in my living room this Christmas, Brando didn't blink.

He was totally cool with these sticks, too.

I think I married the right man.

Peace(s of sticks),


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