Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Free Art!

Taking an idea from one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, I decided to make some really personal--and totally free--art tonight while watching PopUp Video on VH1 (I have found an overwhelming love for the re-launch of this show).

Back when Brando and I got married, I made a black and white copy of the date, June 24th, from my Peanuts daily calendar. I thought I could use it in a scrapbook or maybe even some art. Well, months later, I found it in some papers that need to be filed and decided that 10:30pm on a Tuesday night was exactly the right time to do it. (I still haven't adjusted to "normal" hours after my two weeks out at Army Fleet Support for work, apparently.)

A couple of scissor snips later, and I have created art!

Hey, look! I'm art, too!

A close up of the comic strip from the day we were married, June 24th:

(Comic transcript: As Linus plays with building blocks, crabby sister Lucy comes by and kicks them over. As she walks away, Linus says, "How can you sleep nights knowing that you're driving me crazy?")

So. totally. fitting.


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